Blended Learning Videos

Need some help getting your LMS page up and going?  You've come to the right place!  Explore the videos we have created below, or click a link to view one of the videos compiled by our colleague, Tim Robinson.  

Are we missing something?  Let us know by leaving a comment in the 'comments' section below.  We'll be happy to add more videos as needed!

LMS Basics:
Brand new to the LMS and need some help 'getting in' before you get started?  Click on one of the videos below for a quick tutorial:
Logging In to the LMS:

Exploring the Course Home:

Making the LMS Your Own!
Want to get some insight as to how to work with some of the major tools of the LMS?  Click on one of the links below for a quick video tutorial:

A More Advanced LMS Experience:
Want to work with content at a more in depth level?  Click one of the links below for a quick video tutorial:

Find out more about working with the quiz tool!  Click a link below to access a quick video tutorial:

Want  to learn more about making your page look cool?  Check out the video tutorials below:

Ready to make a stellar, totally customized site that will totally engage your students?  Check out this link for a series of how to videos, examples, and logo design ideas, courtesy of Tim Robinson, a colleague from JBLDSB

Instructional videos about using the Desire2Learn Learning Management System are below.

Video: Themes and Navbars - CLICK HERE

Video: E-Learning on Mobile Devices (see below)

Video: What it Looks Like to be an E-Learning Student (see below)

Video: Reflection App (see below)

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